Over 10 years, ROCOCO has been trusted by our customers and designers domestically and internationally to produce luxury furniture that comes with delicate details as the statement of our appreciation in superior artistic works and handicrafts. Our creations are made by skillful artisans producing numerous works for a variety of luxury brands in Europe.

In addition, Rococo is very selective with high-quality materails; for example, mahogany that is hard to find within the country but appropriate to create superior carving and unique detailing and express a luxury look in the class of wealthy. It makes our furniture similar to the finest artworks situated in our customers’extraordinary places and spaces.

As produced by the orverseas manufacturer with the supply of nuique materails barely found in Thailand. it enables us to offer more customer-friendly prices than imported brands despite using the same materials.

With our expertise ranging from customized furniture production to engraving identity design or coporate logo on the works, your funiture will be the only picece in the world, and is specially made for you.


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